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Vintage looking yellow sheets of aged paper for your own magical acceptance letter, printing out your wedding invitations or making your scrapbook page perfect. This old looking letter stationery paper is the perfect craft paper to finish your project!

This listing is for five sheets of distressed aged paper, handmade. The standard size of the writing paper is A4, but other sizes can be requested. The paper is good for printing with most inktjet and laser printers.

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The colours of this aged paper may vary because of the handmade process. It may differ from the product pictures due to monitor settings. This antique paper look is usually a yellow or light brown colour. Occassionally there may be some spots or lighter or darker area’s, just like with real parchment paper.

Combine this parchment-look aged paper with some hand stamped owl post gift tags. For a truly unique, magical gift.

Upon purchase you will receive the following product(s):

A set of 5 (five) sheets of A4 sized aged antiqued 80 grams writing paper, packaged in a secure bubble envelope.

Large orders

Do you have a large wedding planned or a Hogwarts themed party with a lot of guests? Or do you just want to write a lot of letters? Large orders may take me a little longer to process (than the usual 1 week) so please contact me for information about processing times if you’re going to place a large order (8 or more sets of 5).

Additional info on aged writing paper

The aging process that gives this stationery writing paper its unique fairy tale look takes some time, but it’s well worth the effort. Using a blend of tea, coffee and some other secret (but natural) dyes the 80 grams recycled A4 sheets of paper get their distinctive golden yellow to light brown look.
Often the modern take of this aged paper is mistakenly called “parchment” or “vellum”. But traditional parchment wasn’t really the paper we know now; it was made of animal skin. Vellum is the name used for very thin parchment, usually made from young animals with thinner skins.
This modern take on the parchment look gives all the romantic fairy tale feelings but with a more animal friendly approach.


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