Butter Beer bottle with authentic label and illustrated recipe


A classic Butter Beer bottle with unique label and authentic wire bottle cap. Based on the 1588 Buttered Beere recipe this Butter Beer bottle includes a recipe booklet with detailed instructions and illustrations on how to make your own Butter Beer.

Want to print your own labels instead? Buy printable Butter Beer labels here.

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Buttery and delicious, this Butter Beer drink recipe will have you making the most delicious buttered beere in history! The authentic glass bottle with unique Butter Beer label will make the perfect presentation for any fairy tale party. Witch, wizard, dwarf, elf, troll or fairy; everyone will love this sweet take on a traditional (non-alcoholic if preffered) drink.

And of course, put some whipped cream on top when you’ve poured it into your drinking glass to celebrate any special occasion! (Or just because you can, because no one should need an excuse for whipped cream).

Upon purchase you will receive the following product(s):

– A glass bottle with a wire bottle cap and a Butter Beer label, uniquely designed by The Gloomy Light
– A recipe booklet (4 sides) with the buttered beere recipe and original hand drawn illustrations (included as a print as part of each booklet)

Every glass bottle is cleaned and dried before the label is put on. The label is not washable and should be kept dry to prevent it from being damaged.

Cleaning instructions

To clean out the bottle; carefully fill it with water and a dishwashing soap, shake it a few times while being closed with the cap and then rinse with water. To be sure the water doesn’t damage the label, you can put the lower part of the bottle in a plastic bag and tape it shut while cleaning the inside.

Recipe notes

This recipe calls for a non-alcoholic beer as a base drink. If preferred you could change that into an alcoholic variant (I recommend a “regular” beer or a “Bock beer” – but only if you’re allowed to drink alcohol of course. For children or people with a sweet tooth you can replace the beer by a ginger beer or ginger ale. Both taste great!


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